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Hmm, it's a maybe...

Well, it was better than my first attempts at stick animation, a few years ago.

Still, it's not that I hate it and it completely sucks, I just don't know what benefit this will be to Newgrounds. There are several stickfight animations here, and many undeservedly passed judgement.

The animating is better than most first attempts I've seen, but it don't think it has the potential to be an original, stand-out animation on Newgrounds.

Keep trying, and don't quit like I did.

Good animation, worn-out story.

Very good animating, I will say, everything worked very smoothly.

But this is just a really overtired and overused concept, stickmen with lightsabers, it is so unoriginal.

You have animating potential, but bring us a completely fresh and new idea, and you will stand out from the crowd.

Fucking amazing

That was just awesome man. It was just so unexpected.

What would have been good, is if another guy went to the machine and payed for a drink, but instead of a pepsi he gets a severed head!

Great flash man.

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Awesome game!!

This was a very cool game!

When I played it, I thought "Christ hell, this is hard" but I managed to get to level 15 before I ran out of lives. It had a good interactive concept, boucing up clouds with difficult acceleration and deceleration controls - quite challenging.

Thanks for using my music too dood!


Thanks for using my music first of all!!

Also, awesome flash!! It kinda reminded me of Time Crisis, when the background slowly scrolled across.

Excellent playability, too! Nice and fluent, also challenging!

The sounds went well with my music, and the loudness was immense!!

Awesome game.

Dragonman11 responds:

Hey thanks man. I Glad you liked the game because you liked it, not just because of your music. THanks for the good review and the good music.


I like it, it's a really good toturial. I've been thinking of doing a soundboard, but I can't get flash. So now I'll follow your link thingy and I'll see if it works.

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Ol' reliable man, ol' reliable :D

Dude, as always a fucking beast of riffage you have here. Sorta reminds me of Evile's new album, with 90s Sepultura and maybe a little bit of Chimaira.

Now it just needs your lyrical, angelic vocals XD and then it's total brutal carnage. So great to see you're keeping the metal up man, never stop!

GoreBastard responds:

Cheers mate!
The Arise albums is one of my biggest influences ever, I'm glad that stands out!
I'll try getting vocals on it asap.

Bugger me

That did sound very fucking angry man :D
What fueled it?

Excellent riffs, chunky tone.
Chunky and excellent, like extra chunky soup, but instead vicious metal.
The one little beef I have, is that the drums are too quiet - I'm guessing that you believe in the listener to feel the drums rather than hear them, but I'm a hearing guy :P

Very nice though, I really felt the anger in this track.

DarKsidE555 responds:

Nothing actually my good man. I just give names how I feel about the tune...and this...well, sounded angry. ;)

Well, I won't disagree on the drums since you're the far better drummer in real life, so I take your word there. ;)

Thanks for stopping by Flame, hope that you'll be on NG sooner or later more frequently again. \m/

Oh yes. Oh yes yes yes.

This is excellent, you got that tone, and them phrasing skills man.
The looping is spot on too, it feels like the intro to a song.

Nice stuff, you should have a shot at a full acoustic song at some point.

speedmetalmessiah responds:

Holy hell, I haven't heard from you in a while. Nice to know you're still alive. Also I will be extending this one with the help of MaestroRage. So it should be interesting to see how it turns out. Thanks for the review man.

You're probably expecting something funny.

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